Are you trying to understand and prepare for the essay writing section on the IELTS test? Do you want to make sure you avoid typical errors? Would you like a simple template for one of the more challenging essay structures? If any of the above interests you, you will find this blog very useful.

What makes a good essay?

When you turn to Task two of the Writing section you will be given a prompt and expected to respond with a written argument. If you do it well, your ideas will be relevant, your line of reasoning will be easy to follow, and you will use examples from your personal experience or general knowledge to support your argument.

What are the essay topics like on the IELTS test, and does one have to study up on the subjects?

The topics are familiar, for example, about family life, the impact of technology on society, issues around health and fitness or the environment. If you have been keeping up with current events by watching or reading the news, you should have something to say, and if you don’t have any real facts, make them up. This test isn’t so much about what you know as it is about how well you communicate in English.

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